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Articles September-October 2020

Bose Integrator Fine Arts Solution Exploits Arenamatch Flexibility for Outdoor Installations

AV outdoor installations especially in sensitive constructions with peculiar physical restrictions require Speaker systems that are manipulative, customizable, for coverage horizontally and vertically..... read more

Acoustic and Audio System Design for Small Rooms – Part 3 - By Rahul Sarma

In Part 2 of the series, we spoke about the importance of sound isolation and how background noise can adversely impact the dynamic range of the audio playback. In Part 3 of the series..... read more

Articles July-August 2020

Banking On EYTE

EYTE Technologies Pvt. Ltd. spearheaded by Abdul Waheed was instrumental in helping realise a vision for UBS’ new Pune Office that works to automate and streamline Collaboration..... read more

Delta to Gain Momentum with Corporate and Education AV Solutions

The AV Industry business is experiencing positive growth in the iFPD segment for applications which include education and corporate..... read more

EULOGY - Ranjit Singh

Much-admired and acclaimed AV consultant, educator, speaker, trainer and AV-ICN CAVS instructor, Ranjit Singh, passed away on May 15, 2020 in Singapore leaving behind a huge void within the global..... read more

Acoustic and Audio System Design for Small Rooms- Part 2

In part 1 of this series we defined a small room, introduced the concept of sound waves as they relate to phase shift and comb filtering, and even touched on the Haas (precedence) effect. In this article, we will talk..... read more

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Analysis of 23,241 Participants of 19th PALM Expo and 1st AV-ICNx Expo

Visitor Analysis – Buyers & Sellers


Actual Users comprised professionals from AV Rental companies; Broadcasting & Information; Business / Corporate AV; Communications / Telecommunications; Defense; Education; Entertainment & Leisure; Finance & Banking; Government; Healthcare; Hospitality; Media / Advertising; Meetings / Events / Conventions; Venue Management; Real Estate Development / Architecture / M&E Consultancy / Facility Management; Retail

Trade Comprised of Manufacturer of AV equipment, systems and solutions; Manufacturers’ Representative (Distributor / Dealer); Systems Integrators and AV Consultants


Actual Users comprised professionals from segments which included Educational Institutes; Government Organisations; House Of Worship; Hospitality (Clubs / Pubs / Discos / Lounge Bars / Restaurants); Multiplexes / Cinema Theatre / Home Theatre / Auditoriums; Other Venues (Malls, Commercial, Retail, Theme Park); Rental Companies; Studios (Recording / Post Production)

Trade Comprised of Manufacturer Distributors & Dealers; Event Management Company/Ad Agency/Entertainment Company; Stage Production Companies; Systems Integration

Exhibitors Product Profile at PALM AV-ICNx Hall 1, 2, 3

Stage Sound accounted for 35% of all exhibits, while Lighting accounted for 17%, Install Sound for 26%, Audiovisual for 15% and Studio/Audio Recording & Production for 7% of all exhibits

International Presence at PALM & AV-ICNx 2019



PALM AV-ICNx expo adopted a one-badge policy, wherein all visitors registering at the PALM expo registration hall or AV-ICNx expo registration hall were allowed access to all exhibit halls, demo and highlight features, conferences & summit across the entire venue

AV Industry Segment

PALM Professional Analysis

Technical / Engineers comprised of Professional Lighting Engineers, Sound Engineers, System Integrators, AV Consultants and Technicians

Creative Professionals included Musicians / Artists, Set / Scenic Designers, Visual Artists / Visual Jockeys and Disc Jockeys

Business / Commercial comprised of Production Manager, Project / Design Consultant, Purchase Manager, Senior Management, System Integrator / AV Consultant and Technician

Products / Technologies of Visitor’s Interest at PALM

Products / Technologies of Visitor’s Interest at AV-ICNx

Information Technology Visitors at AV-ICNx