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Current Issue : March - June 2020
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Articles March-June 2020

Acoustic and Audio System Design for Small Rooms

Acoustic and audio system design for a “small room” can be extremely challenging, especially for critical listening applications like control rooms and reference home cinemas. It is vital to understand the relationship between system..... read more

Technology Enhancement from Smart to Intelligent!

In this article Abdul Waheed, Managing Director of EYTE Technologies Pvt. Ltd. talks about how technology has evolved over a period of the time and has been embraced by one and all..... read more

Harman Reigns Supreme in Indian Cinemas

From the first design to the finished furnishings, the goal of every multiplex or single screen cinema is to create a space that incorporates the impressive experience of science and commercial cinema. This is the reason why, since decades theatres across India have banked on HARMAN’s JBL range of cinema speakers...... read more

Sequence of Steps to Follow on Resuming Studio Operations Post an Extended Duration of Shutdown

Munro Acoustics India has put together a suggestion/ guideline document after consulting many studios and engineers across the world to aid their clients in the Indian Subcontinent, Middle East and SE Asia..... read more

Bose Professional Assures an IMMERSIVE SOUNDSCAPE At Sardar Patel Stadium – The Largest Cricket Stadium in the World

US President Donald Trump and First Lady Melania Trump were welcomed by Prime Minister Narendra Modi as they arrived for the “Namaste Trump” event on 24 Feb 2020..... read more

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Launch of AV-ISE in Mumbai

#Me too it is not!

I emphasize, AV Integrated Systems Expo is not launched as a “me too” opportunistic expo. I believe AV industry in India is on a fierce growth trajectory. AV-ISE primarily responds to the need of a cost-effective and affordable expo that intends to serve the AV industry with empathy and provide business opportunity.

AV equipment manufacturers worldwide - from marquee brands from US, Europe & Japan to innovative new companies in India and China - feeding expansive markets, that need cost-effective and affordable product need a neutral and independent platform to showcase their inventiveness and product design, suited to fulfill explosive consumption in vast markets. There was a loud shout from AV Industry, both from the increasing body of professionals and trade, and we heard the call, to establish an affordable and neutral expo in India to fulfill Indian market demands.

We are organizers of PALM™ expo, since past 18 years, a world renowned, highly-reputed, entertainment technology expo supported by EEMA and all industry associations. PALM is a globally recognized pro audio expo, showcasing Audio Install™ product and technology comprehensively, including all major international brands. Therefore System Integrators throng the expo each year, sourcing ‘latest technology’ and guess what the most constant refrain “why don’t you include a hall for AV, so we can source the entire solution?” As such, AV-ISE is organic expansion, and deservedly so. The AV industry expects it of us and we have risen to the demand.

Our ethos of course remains same as of Avixa (Infocomm) the US Association. AV-ISE as such intends to provide opportunity to AV consultants and System Integrators exposure to ‘latest technology’ and drive the consultant and integrator intelligentsia to adopt latest technology in design and adopt standards and specs in installation.

I believe AV Industry indeed stands to benefit in having two opportunities in Infocomm & AV-ISE to showcase their technology. There is a decent interregnum of 3-4 months. AV-ISE is part of a very large entertainment technology platform attracting 25000+ visitors to PALM.

I hope sincerely for AV-ISE to become a harmonious part of AV industry as our heart is in the right place. That is, not to be a competitor for the sake of it, but a contributor to the growth of AV Industry.

We are organizing AV-ISE with a long-term vision and long-term commitment. We propose to strengthen AV sector with CAVS - Certified AV Specialist program with IETE and other educational bodies. Education is the one mantra that is pervasive across AV sectors in all regions since technology jumps in quantum terms over the last decade with AV-IT, AV-IP, AV-Multimedia, AV-Digital Signage, AV-telecom, AV-Networking, AV-Interactivity, AV-5G, AV-Fibre Optics. As technology takes a quantum jump and AV consultants and integrators catch up, disseminating information on new technology, best practice, quality standards, and training becomes most important. Why AV-ISE isn’t a #Metoo is because we’re invested with this agenda to contribute to AV industry.

This message is to the AV industry to communicate our spirit of endeavor to provide a meaningful platform which will be a part of the journey of growth of AV in India.

AV-ISE is not divisive, it is inclusive. Our AV Summit aspires to engage audiences eager to learn more and professionals an opportunity to speak about their knowledge. Share and grow is the philosophy.

Growth is the only goal. Let us all come together and participate to strengthen the AV industry with goodwill and better business for the entire AV community.

Current Issue : March - June 2020
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