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Articles March-June 2020

Acoustic and Audio System Design for Small Rooms

Acoustic and audio system design for a “small room” can be extremely challenging, especially for critical listening applications like control rooms and reference home cinemas. It is vital to understand the relationship between system..... read more

Technology Enhancement from Smart to Intelligent!

In this article Abdul Waheed, Managing Director of EYTE Technologies Pvt. Ltd. talks about how technology has evolved over a period of the time and has been embraced by one and all..... read more

Harman Reigns Supreme in Indian Cinemas

From the first design to the finished furnishings, the goal of every multiplex or single screen cinema is to create a space that incorporates the impressive experience of science and commercial cinema. This is the reason why, since decades theatres across India have banked on HARMAN’s JBL range of cinema speakers...... read more

Sequence of Steps to Follow on Resuming Studio Operations Post an Extended Duration of Shutdown

Munro Acoustics India has put together a suggestion/ guideline document after consulting many studios and engineers across the world to aid their clients in the Indian Subcontinent, Middle East and SE Asia..... read more

Bose Professional Assures an IMMERSIVE SOUNDSCAPE At Sardar Patel Stadium – The Largest Cricket Stadium in the World

US President Donald Trump and First Lady Melania Trump were welcomed by Prime Minister Narendra Modi as they arrived for the “Namaste Trump” event on 24 Feb 2020..... read more

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40 Registered Delegates Entered the World of ‘AV in Digital Era’ at CAVS with Ranjit Singh

The CAVS Certification was aimed at providing knowledgeable manpower, replacing the ‘electrician’ with a ‘qualified integrator’ and creating a talent with specific learning for AV integration. The Certified AV Specialist training in AV Install & Integration was designed to provide knowledge of audio and video fundamentals and enhanced troubleshooting skills, whilst promoting best-practices and technological expertise of systems technologies.

Ranjit Singh is the Principal Consultant for Workspace Technology and Experience at PTS Consulting Singapore. His role is to deliver Strategic Workspace projects ensuring a robust, future-proof technology infrastructure underpins the experience of the space, as well as managing the PTS Workspace Technology and Experience practice. He has been in the industry since 1988 and has completed project and training across Asia. Being the First Asian to be certified as CTS-I and on the University Faculty of AVIXA, he has evolved from Service Engineer, Technical Manager, Manufacturer, Consultant, Trainer, Evangelist and finally a Sharer.

21st century is the era for everything digital. Technology has completely revolutionized the AV industry and is rapidly shifting its focus to digital. Through a 3days CAVS course at AV-ICNx, Ranjit Singh, Principal consultant at PTS Consulting ushered the attendees into ‘AV in Digital Era’.

The course was aimed to empower attendees with an understanding of technology and trends in AV that are driving meeting spaces in today’s Digital Era. The CAVS training covered basic foundations in a three part series on Audio, Visual, & IT across the three days of the show.

Course Overview:

This three-day course was aimed to leave the attendees with an understanding of the technology and trends that are driving today’s meeting spaces while also covering some basic foundation on Audio, Visual, IT Passive for the participant to then research and do their own read up to increase their knowledge.

Basics of Communication Technology highlighted on Day 1:

The course started on 30th May in hall 3 with 40 registered attendees seated in a round table setting. Providing impetus to the training was JBL & AKG who took care of the sound for this highlight feature. The front projection screen was provided by Milan Screens and the projector by BenQ. On day one, the attendees gained insights on Communication Technology and basics of communication technology in a 5 hour long session that started at 11 am through 4pm. The attendees discussed about the evolution of various forms of media over the years and how it affects us. After a 30 minute buffet lunch break organized by AV-ICNx, the delegates also learnt in detail about Audio (Listening and Hearing) and the source, devices used for to listen and Visual (Video Signal and Functionality). The organizers had also arranged for evening Snacks and beverages for all the delegates on all three days. A full day coffee / tea counter had also been set-up keeping in mind the needs of the delegates throughout the training.

Communication Technology in Work Spaces in focus on Day 2

Ranjit Singh handing out certificates to delegates after the completion of the training and test. Delegates also got high quality AV-ICNx bags after the three day course

Day 2 was houseful as well, with all the delegates present and excited to start the day. Day 2 was an hour longer than the previous day and started at 11am and covered topics like understanding requirement, Lifestyles and Trends and Communication Technology in Work Spaces wherein the attendees learnt about basic networks, its types and places where AV is used & its purpose. The session came to an end at 5pm with a Q&A session for the day’s topics. Ranjit Singh made it explicitly clear that ‘This is not just training, it is a sharing session, and everyone needs to share.’

Technology Project Flow – Design and Implementation

Day 3 was the last day of the course and had 100% attendance. Day 3 also started at 11 am and focused on topics like asking the right questions, Identifying the right technology and Flow of a Technology project and a revision of the last two days. The delegates got to learn in detail the technology project flow from a design and implementation point. They also touched base with ‘Trends of Command Centers’.

40 registered attendees took the opportunity to up their skills and knowledge quotient at the CAVS organised by AV-ICNx

The last day ended on a high note with the attendees excited and satisfied with everything they learnt about. There was a revision session for all the three days in the form of a test. The attendees were given a test paper containing topics that they had discussed and learnt over the course of 3 days. The attendees were provided with a certificate on the successful completion of the training and the test.

“The Training should be for five days, three days of technical study and two days of market sales,” said Kajal Shah, an attendee at the training.

“Everything was well organised and it was very helpful and I would definitely take this class again and also refer it to my colleagues’ echoed another delegate.”

Current Issue : March - June 2020
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