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Articles May-Jun 2022


Honouring the Legacy
Glimpse of One of The Plants at Noida, U.P.

This year PALM + AV-ICN is honouring the AHUJA FAMILY for their Leadership of over Eight Decades in the Pro Audio Industry with the Lifetime Contribution to The Pro Audio Industry Award at the PALM Sound & Light awards. This award recognizes over... read more

Articles May-Jun 2022


Awarded for highest standards in adopting best innovation and vision in AV Architecture
NARENDRA NAIDU, Chairman and Managing Director, Rhino Engineers Pvt. Ltd.

This award has been instituted for an AV Architect chosen by AV-ICN platform to be recognized for the quality of his body of work, incorporating the best innovation and vision in AV architecture. In this feature,... read more

Articles Mar-Apr 2022

Milind Raorane Sets the Tone at ToyRoom MumbaiNew!

ToyRoom outfitted its second outpost in Mumbai with Electro-Acoustic Design Consultant Milind Raorane to deploy a comprehensive Sound and Audio design that would enhance the unapparelled ambience of the nightclub. PALM +AV-ICN Reports.
Nex Protection Technology

Located in Kalina, Mumbai, Toy-Room Mumbai is established on the premises of the vibrant and stylish Grand Hyatt, one of Mumbai's sophisticated leisure and business... read more

Articles Mar-Apr 2022

The CHORDFATHER   Experience   New!

Neumann's first Studio Monitor Experience Center in Mumbai
Nex Protection Technology

Recently Neumann in collaboration with well-known music composer, producer, sound engineer, and live engineer, Sunny M.R.'s Chordfather Productions announced the launch of its exclusive Studio Monitor Experience Center for audio professionals... read more

Articles Jan-Feb 2022

Understanding the Dynamic Evolution of Projection Technology with NEC New!

Humans have always wanted to bring their imagination to life. Introducing 2K / 4K projectors that deliver superior colors’ and high resolution has made that possible.
Nex Protection Technology

The high detail, true color rendition and cinema-like quality video of projectors are being leveraged by Artists, museums, schools and businesses alike to educate, attract and engage customers or to uplift and inspire people in new and innovative ways...... read more

Articles Jan-Feb 2022

Integrated System Design Crafts a Savvy Aural Experience Hot!

HARMAN Professional Solutions & ISD install a comprehensive Aural setup at Pass Code Hospitality newly opened restaurants.
Integrated System Design

When Pass Code Hospitality opened three new bustling restaurants in Lower Parel, Mumbai, they reached out to HARMAN Professional Solutions and Integrated System Design to deploy a comprehensive Aural setup that enhanced each restaurant's theme well....... read more

Articles Jan-Feb 2022

Star Dimensions India accomplishes STATE-OF-THE-ART- LIGHTING ARCHITECTURE for the "BANDRA WONDERLAND" project in Mumbai New!

Ashish Mehta & Becket Tundatil Creatively Execute Seamless Architectural Lighting Design at the Iconic Bandra-Worli Sea Link.
Bandra-Worli Sea

Between 24th December 2021 and 2nd January 2022, the project came alive as the sun set on the city - with the entire 1.5 km of the Bandra Reclamation promenade being engulfed in specially themed displays that emphasized the four different seasons of the year, boasting different eye-catching..... read more

Articles Jan-Feb 2022

Understanding the Pro-Audio Market with Sennheiser New!

Sennheiser is a leading manufacturer of headphones, loudspeakers, microphones, and wireless transmission systems and has been creating unique sound experiences for customers. PALM+ AV-ICN got in touch with Vipin Pungalia, Director, Sales - Pro Audio & Country Manager, Sennheiser - India, to learn more about the company's plans for the Indian market.
Vipin Pungalia Pro Audio Country Manager Sennheiser

The live music industry had seen a boom before the third wave of COVID stuck. What are the current industry sentiments, and do you think that the industry is poised to see a boom again? India has always been a music-loving country, for global as well as local artists..... read more

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Interactive Flat Panel

Published in Sept-Oct 2019

“Interactive Flat panel” displays are the need of the hour to bring meetings,lectures and presentations to life with stunning visuals, crisp sound and access to inspiring content and applications. Choosing the right display for your specific needs may sometimes get tricky. There are different models to choose from depending upon the screen type, visual output and software compatibility based on the use.This list is intended to be a guide and highlights 10 such models but does not endorse any product.

BenQ - Corporate Series IFP

Designed for modern offices, BenQ corporate series Interactive Flat Panels (IFPs) offer best-in-class tools for interactive meetings without external PCs. EZWrite annotation app and NFCPen facilitate brainstorming with efficient note-taking and effective idea-sharing. With pioneering innovations that include 4K resolution, Smart Eye-Care, Air Quality Sensor, Account Management System (AMS), Cloud Whiteboard and up to 20-point simultaneous multi-touch capability, BenQ’s corporate IFPs deliver intuitive collaboration and display interactivity with the ease of wireless presentation, open-platform software compatibility, and hassle-free maintenance. It has Built-in Air Quality Sensor, Smart Eye-Care solution, Germ-Resistant Screen.

It makes sharing and Collaborating easy with EZWrite 5’s Cloud Whiteboard and InstaShare.

It also has an Account Management System (AMS) for Personalized File Management. 

Cleartouch - 6000K series

A crystal-clear, anti-glare LCD display with 4K True HD Resolution-even on the Android side-ensures an optimal viewing experience with extreme clarity from any angle, even with the room lights on.

The 6000K’s built-in Android in 4K allows users to access their apps and resources directly from the interactive display. Add on an optional built-in PC or WiFi module to increase the mobility.

The 6000K series has smart, multi-touch technology that allows for 20 points of simultaneous touch on a cool, responsive, smooth-glide surface that is extremely accurate without calibration.

Eight to ten people can easily use the panel at the same time, creating a better, more collaborative experience.

Connect from any device to any application and choose to use our software- or yours. Utilize the software that works best for your work, then store content on the panel or in the cloud and access from anywhere.

Easily connect to the 6000K series panel wirelessly to up to four devices using our Collage software. Walk the room, share screens, switch users with a single touch. With the built-in Command app, the IT team can see and update all panels remotely from a centralized computer, instead of having to manually update multiple panels in individual classes or boardrooms. IT can also set energy settings and send out text messages to individual or organization-wide panels. This series comes with built-in speakers with volume controls directly on the front of the panel. No cords or A/V expert required.

Optoma - OP651RKe

Optoma’s OP651RKe multi-touch interactive flat panels boast 4K UHD resolution and a 20-point touch-enabled display, bringing lessons and idea sharing to life in education and corporate settings. It is available in 65’’, 75’’ and 86’’ sizes and features anti-glare glass, a blue light filter and a wide viewing angle, that reduce eye strain while providing crisp and vivid visuals to every seat in the room. A built-in cloud drive provides easy access to Google Drive and Microsoft OneDrive. Its features include extensive connectivity, content sharing and a ready-to-use whiteboard pack with pre-installed annotation tools. It allows up to 20 touch points which enable simple group creation and collaboration. It can be easily connected to any video device via HDMI or VGA. Inspire audience engagement with immediate results analysis from polls, quizzes and surveys via mobile devices using the AirShare app.

Cybernetyx - AirMind Panel

AirMind Panel is an interactive collaboration touch panel that was designed from ground-up to meet your modern meeting room requirements. The 65” Ultra HD 4k display with gives you the speed, accuracy, and precision touch for a seamless MultiTouch experience.

AirMind Panel has the ability to double up as a meeting room computer. With in-built award winning EyeRIS interactive sensor technology, this panel gives you the speed, accuracy and precision during any meeting.

Writing on AirMind Panel feels as natural as writing with a pen and paper. The speed, accuracy and precision gives you a seamless MultiTouch experience.

It also comes loaded with Flow App which enables team members to truly collaborate as one. With it, the team can write, illustrate and annotate their ideas on their device and share it with the rest of the team. The session can be saved and accessed at anytime.

LG - TR3BF-B Series

LG’s cutting-edge touch technology in the TR3BF-B Series displays support dual pen & multi-touch functions. This provides accurate drawing and authentic touch quality. In addition, the Air Class and web browsers support multi-directional communication and interactive learning, which will help your business succeed.

The TR3BF Series can simultaneously use up to 20 points of multitouch and 10 points of writing, as well as 2 types of stylus pens at the same time. This dual pen and multi touch offer a lifelike board writing experience and makes collaboration much easier

It allows you to easily erase texts, pictures, etc, written on the screen by using your own hands. This is not only easier than erasing with the stylus, but also makes you feel more natural, like you’re erasing a real whiteboard. The Series allows you to share screens and content with laptops and other mobile devices. This makes meetings and classes as efficient and immersive as possible. It also integrates both Android and Note Apps into a high performance SoC, without a PC.

Infocus - JTouch Plus

With 4K resolution, Total Touch Control, built-in education features, an open Android platform, and Qwizdom Software, the JTouch Plus INF5533e is a fully customizable, all-in-one teaching, collaboration, and presentation solution - the most education-friendly JTouch ever.

Expand and customize your platform with any Android application or game. Simply download and install as you would on your phone.

All JTouch models include the four critical applications needed for interactive touch panels: Casting, Whiteboarding, Browsing, and File Viewing. Create on a full-featured digital whiteboard, present videos and photos, browse the web, easily connect and share content from your Apple, Windows, or Android devices with wireless casting.

Erase, zoom, and pull up menu options quickly and easily with incredibly intuitive touch gestures on the JTouch. Use one finger to draw, two fingers to move, and three fingers to erase on the whiteboard or when annotating on any screen. A simple swipe gesture on either side of the screen reveals a full menu of further options.

Draw, write, and capture notes on a fully customizable, built-in digital whiteboard. Choose any background on a multi-screen canvas with room for free-form drawings, diagrams, and more. Draw using your finger or one of the provided styli using a complete collection of digital pens, highlighters, shapes, lines, and colors.

Planar - EP5024K-T

4K Interactive LCD Display The Planar EP5024K-T display offers best-in-class 24x7 reliability with the stunning image quality of 4K resolution. The Ultra HD 50” display has multi-source viewing capability, supports 4K @ 60Hz through both HDMI and DisplayPort, is HDCP 2.2 compliant and can be oriented in landscape or portrait. It comes fully loaded with advanced features that matter most to digital signage and other commercial applications, such as an expansion slot supporting Intel’s Open Pluggable Specification (OPS) and built-in speakers. The Planar EP5024K-T delivers superior performance and reliability for demanding public venue, corporate and control room operations. The Planar EP5024K-T offers multi-touch and multi-user technology, making it easy for multiple users to collaborate and interact at the same time.

Viewsonic - ViewBoard IFP6570

From executive boardrooms to kindergarten classrooms, the ViewSonic ViewBoard IFP6570 enables limitless collaboration and endless innovation. Designed to help teams connect, collaborate, and create, this next-generation digital whiteboard delivers exactly what you need to move your ideas forward. A premium, state-of-the-art design features a bezel-less PCAP (projected capacitive) touchscreen with incredible 4K Ultra HD resolution. This highly accurate interactive screen provides for an incredibly natural and responsive handwriting experience. Using fingers, styluses, or both, multiple users can simultaneously write or draw on the huge 65” ViewBoard panel. What’s more, meetings and presentations start fast thanks to convenient one-wire USB-C connectivity.

Newline - Trutouch RS

A versatile 4K UHD interactive display to bring more collaboration and student engagement to your classroom. Turn the display into a digital whiteboard and use your favorite software all with a single touch. With a lightweight slim frame design, Windows system and built-in OS support, embedded tools and  a personalized user interface, it’s the perfect solution to seamless collaboration in school and in the office.

It supports up to 20 points of touch, allowing multiple users to interact at the same time. With smooth and responsive touch, anyone can take notes, write and draw on the screen, making the classroom a truly collaborative space.

The whiteboard supports object recognition that can differentiate your finger, stylus, and palm, then react as a marker, thin pen, or eraser.

Whether you need a display for your classroom or conference room, the TRUTOUCH RS series lets you easily change the screen theme and personalize the user interface on your built-in operating system. All TRUTOUCH RS series displays come in stunning 4K UHD resolution.

Samsung - QBN-W Series

Samsung’s QBN Series offer  UHD picture quality and sleek, stylish design capture audience eyes, while seamless and consistent presentation expands message sharing possibilities. The QBN Series displays leverage Samsung’s Intelligent Picture Quality technology to elevate content delivery in any setting. This refined presentation transforms content from any source to UHD-level quality, and optimizes on-screen text and imagery with crisp edges and fine detail.  The embedded MagicINFO Player S6, backed by the powerful TIZEN operating system, boosts the displays overall performance, allows for painless content management and ensures seamless content transition and playback. Samsung’s KNOX platform provides rigid three-layer protection while also securing and controlling USB and user network exchange through dedicated signage device management. With added security, businesses can facilitate remote, PC-free meetings without risk or complexity. Beyond security and content management, QBN Series users can trust the displays’ remote management for fast, efficient issue mitigation. Users can monitor and diagnose irregularities – both on their own and with help from Samsung’s Network Operations Center – from any location. Its  durable, IP5x-validated design ensures continuous content delivery regardless of environmental conditions.

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