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Jamdub SoundLabs Installs Dolby 7.1.4 Speaker Setup

ProMusicals deploys an immersive solution to the Chennai-based Jamdub SoundLabs with a comprehensive Dolby 7.1.4 setup.

Located in the quiet suburbs of Thoraipakkam, Chennai, Jamdub SoundLabs provides end-to-end post-production solutions to artists from the music and film industry with a unique experience. Established in..... read more

Seamless Solutions for Evolving Workplace

NEC WD551 Windows Collaboration Display Product Review by Abdul Waheed, Managing Director, EYTE

NEC WD551 Windows Collaboration Display Post pandemic, workspace designs are evolving very fast. Various manufactures are trying to come up with one or other innovative ideas, meeting the current requirements for collaborative..... read more

L&T’s Corporate office gets a Digitally Savvy Tech Makeover

Eyte Technologies Crafts a Versatile AV and Acoustic Setup at L&T’s AM Naik Tower, Powai, Mumbai

L&T group envisioned a Tech-savvy Corporate office for their Powai Office that would enhance the synergy and boost the corporate functions. This feature explores..... read more


Nikhil Mehta, Founder, Sudeep Studio 1935-2021

Much-Respected and self-taught sound engineer, the founder of Sudeep Studio and SudeepAudio.com games, Nikhil Mehta, passed away..... read more

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Interactive Conference Room Technology

AV Integrated Systems Magazine’s Product Focus for the month of March -April is “Interactive Conference Room Technology”. The faster, better, and smarter innovative conference room audio-visual technology plays a key role to get the most out of collaborative efforts and maximizes efficiency. Here we feature a selection of Interactive Conference Room Technology to help get the most out of every meeting space.

Avocor - F8650

The largest size in the Avocor F50 family, the 86” F8650 is an open collaboration solution, working seamlessly with Unified Communications tools and software devices to create a collaborative environment that is perfect for the executive meeting space and conference room. Using the latest generation touch technology from FlatFrog, the F50 series delivers a superior writing experience that is incredibly fast and accurate. The display responds quickly to user interaction with up to 4 passive pens or up to 20 points of simultaneous touch. Built with cutting-edge, protective glass with no parallax gap between the glass and the display, providing users with a pixel-perfect touch experience. The F50 includes a built-in Windows swipe bar which has been optimized for Windows 10, delivering a tablet-like experience on a large format display. The OPS slot supports HDMI 2.0 allowing for 4K content to be run at 60Hz, while the Intel OPS (Open Pluggable Specification) allows for a module PC to be added easily to the display without cables. A high-quality, front-facing soundbar module is included in the F50, ensures that the display provides a crystal-clear audio experience, while the active microphone array allows the display to connect with a variety of Unified Communications based software, delivering the ultimate audio experience. The fine-tip stylus delivers an accurate writing and annotations on the display, while object awareness means that the display can easily distinguish between pen, finger, and palm, delivering a smooth touch experience.

BenQ - RP750K

BenQ corporate RP750K interactive flat panels (IFP) ideally suit meeting spaces from small to medium sized with stylish designs incorporating two frontal speakers and integrated pen trays. Pioneering innovations include 20-point multi-touch, 4K resolution, Smart Eye-Care, and Account Management System (AMS), BenQ’s corporate RP750K delivers intuitive collaboration and display interactivity with the ease of wireless presentation, open-platform software compatibility, and hassle-free maintenance. The EZWrite 4.1’s, an advanced handwriting recognition feature, it allows users to convert text, numbers, forms, and drawings into highly legible materials without having to switch modes. To enforce privacy protection while ensuring convenience, BenQ IFPs feature Account Management System (AMS) for multi-account management via NFC technology, which allows presenters to directly access personal system setting and folders, as well as bring up customized presentation settings on the IFP simply by tapping an ID card on its front-bezel sensor. Additionally, AMS also offers instant access to major cloud storage services such as Google Drive and Dropbox after logging in without having to enter password on BenQ IFPs. Integrated into BenQ corporate RP750K, the InstaQShare app enables simple wireless presentation and collaboration by screen mirroring. With the pre-installed Zoom video conferencing software, RP750K facilitates effective communication for international corporations without external PCs, training, or complicated server setup. Zoom enables high-quality video conferencing across multiple devices, connecting teams across the globe.

Barco - ClickShare

To enhance meeting room experiences and to improve productivity ClickShare from BARCO is an efficient wireless collaboration tool in the market today with a range of models fitting all budgets. Wireless collaboration and presentation solutions play an important role in the meeting rooms by making it very convenient to share and present your content on a display. ClickShare ensures a seamless user experience across small, medium and large sized meeting rooms. Anyone – including guests – can connect with one click and share right away, without the need for any training. Users simply plug a USB-powered device – the ClickShare Button – into their PC or Mac and click the button to get the content from their laptop on the large meeting room screen. With the ClickShare App, users can also share content from their mobile phones or tablets. Easy, trouble-free presenting, sharing ideas and content securely from any device on a main presentation screen. ClickShare is a very useful device for standard meeting rooms and board rooms. It helps to make meetings more productive and efficient and is the need of all progressive organizations. ClickShare range is ideal for use in MNC’s, Government sectors, Universities, Public Sector Undertakings. Ceeco Technologies is the exclusive distributor for Barco in India.


Crestron Room Scheduling Touch Screens is a productivity tool for organizations with multiple conference rooms and meeting spaces. Mounted on the wall outside each room, they allow anyone to see at-a-glance if a room is available or in use, and view details about the current meeting. The TSS-752Room Scheduling Touch Screen features 7-inch (178 mm) widescreen display with lots of space for displaying essential meeting and scheduling information all at once without forcing the reader to flip through multiple pages. Crestron Smart Graphics delivers gesture-driven user experience with many customizable features. Capacitive touch screen technology affords a nimble touch response for navigating the intuitive on-screen interface. Soft-touch buttons to the right of the touch screen offer an alternate method for navigating the on-screen interface. Side-mounted, multi-color LED beacons provide a clear indication of a room’s status down long corridors. With its clean, modern appearance, the TSS-752 makes an elegant statement in any environment including office buildings, conference centers, hotels, and universities. A choice of mounting options allows the TSS-752 to be installed in places other touch screens just can’t go. It can be installed on a wall over a standard 2-gang electrical box, mounted to virtually any flat surface - even glass, granite, or marble or mounted to the mullion of a glass wall, window. Crestron Room Scheduling Touch Screens are designed to be installed as part of a complete enterprise room scheduling solution using Crestron Fusion Cloud Enterprise Management Software and the Crestron Hosted Scheduling Service.


Create meeting spaces where visiting devices and in-room devices share the room without complication. The AMX Connectivity and Transport (CT) Series is a family of 4K switching and distribution kits that combine switching, scaling and distance transport into a single kit that includes both a transmitter and receiver. Simply connect a visiting device to the transmitter, the room display/projector is automatically turned on, and the signal is transmitted and scaled for optimal viewing. The AMX Connectivity & Transport (CT) Kits are an all-inclusive 4K60 4:4:4 auto switching, scaling, and distance transport solution that include both the transmitter and receiver. The Conference Kit features USB 2.0 peripheral switching, allowing dynamic sharing of room USB peripherals between visiting and in-room devices. Connect USB for any peripheral device, such as the AMX Acendo Vibe Conferencing Soundbar, to the visiting laptop. The receiver has a second input for a room PC or wireless sharing device such as AMX Acendo Core. If a source, such as a room PC, is connected to the receiver the kit still automatically switches to the visiting laptop when it is connected.


Kramer Kronos by Kramer Electronics is a secure, enterprise-class cloud-based room booking and scheduling platform. Kramer Kronos streamlines and automates the management side of room booking. Due to its integration with Kramer Control, IT administrators can easily use a room’s availability as a trigger for automatically controlling room elements. With 802.1x and Transport Layer Security (TLS) encryption on all communication to and from the scheduling touch panels and the Kramer Kronos server (cloud-based), sensitive booking and scheduling information is completely secure. Kramer Kronos offers a comprehensive library of UI templates for complete customization. Additionally, it’s schedule can also be displayed on the room display using a VIA device, when no presentation happens. Kramer Kronos works seamlessly with popular scheduling platforms, including Microsoft Exchange, Office 365 and G Suite. It is also compatible with iOS and Android tablets. Kramer Kronos is a key component of the Kramer meeting room ecosystem. The new meeting culture demands simplicity: you book a meeting, arrive at the room and that’s it.