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Pursuing the Pro Audio Trail

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Tech Savvy Environment for T-Systems

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Conversations with SudeepAudio

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Aurora Multimedia Announces Launch of a Range of Products Along With Updates to a Number Of Existing Offerings

Aurora Multimedia takes the market space up by a storm with its range of new releases and updates. All the new products will be launched and displayed at the upcoming Infocomm India.

The products include the Newly Launched AirShare AS-100, the IP-24PoE+, the first ever 24 port PoE+/PoH+ injector to deliver power on a 10G connection, SDVoE 4K AV over IP-Transceiver Box and Wall Plates, 4 ReAX™ IP Control System box units running on Linux and the ReAX Wall and Desktop Touch Panels, amongst other things.

The complete list of new products is as follows:

AirShare AS-100:

It has a 3 Wired HDMI Inputs that support 4K60 4:4:4, a VGA Input for legacy devices and the world’s first. We even went a step further by implementing Mini Control System with built-on Event Trigging and allowing Integration with In-Room Sensors for Hassle free operation with a very less / no Human Intervention.

In Wireless Presentation mode, this can work in 3 different modes for very easy connection. 1) Connect USB Dongle & share your presentation with out even pressing a button. 2) Connect to In-Built Wifi of AS-100, Share your presentation instantly 3) Connect to Client Network & Share your presentation Securely and from any device without disturbing existing disconnect from your resources. This also has capability of connecting Multiple users at same time, also share 4 Contents in Quad view format.

IP-24PoE+ 24 Port 10G PoE+/PoH+ 1RU Injector:

The IP-24PoE+, the first ever 24 port PoE+/PoH+ injector to deliver power on a 10G connection. It is compatible with any standard 1G or 10G network switch and will deliver up to 30 watts of power per port.

This allows for a clean installation of any 1G or 10G PD capable device, alleviating the need for local power supply. Aurora designed the IP-24PoE+ for its IPX Series SDVoE AV over IP product line as it currently is the only 10G AV over IP with PoE. The IP-24PoE+ can also supply power to HDBaseT™ PoH products providing remote powering as well.

In the case of an underpowered PoE network switch, the IP-24PoE+ will provide the additional power to the ports requiring or to simply add PoE+ to ports lacking.

SDVoE 4K AV over IP,Transceiver Box and Wall Plates:

Aurora Multimedia will be demonstrating the only encrypted 4K60 4:4:4 10Gbps AV over IP transceiver box and wall plates, utilizing their Patent Pending IPBaseT® technology based on the BlueRiver NT+ SDVoE platform. The IPX-TC3 Series compliments the growing line of AV over IP products. Aurora is changing the topology of AV resolving all existing issues with reliability, serviceability, scalability, capability, and inventory.

The IPX-TC3 and IPX-TC3 Pro is the only 10Gbps SDVoE transceiver to have redundant fiber version and selectable copper fiber in a single unit. Aurora is also the first company to utilize PoE with 10G and has worked with Ethernet switch companies to develop and ship 10G PoE switches paving the way for cleaner installations.

4 ReAX IP Control Units:

The ReAX control units are a web-based IP control system. Custom programming and GUIs created with our free ReAX™ Core Studio software get loaded in to the built-in web server, allowing virtually any device with a web browser to display the GUI and control the system. Examples include PC browsers, dedicated touch panels like the Aurora RXT series tablets, smart phones and more. The RXC and QXC IP control systems have a full complement of LAN, RS-232, relay, I/O, and IR ports for controlling external devices. An IR receiver enables the internal IR learner – no extra hardware required. In addition to network control and access to the GUI and configuration web pages, the LAN port is also capable of power over Ethernet (PoE), eliminating the need for an additional power supply.

ReAX Wall and Desktop Touch Panels:

ReAX IP is the first ever wall mount (RXT-7, RXT-10) and desktop (RXT-7D, RXT-10D) Android™ touch panels. Both styles are available in 7” and 10”.

The wall mount version is designed to mount flush in wall portrait or landscape. The desktop versions are available in white or black to suit the décor of any room. These panels are more than just an interface but the brain of the system if desired running the ReAX core on an Android operating system.

SDVoE Transceiver Box and Wall Plates Now with Preview

It is the only encrypted 4K60 4:4:4 10Gbps AV over IP transceiver box and wall plates with preview capabilities. Using the Aurora IPBaseT Manager Utility, a user can preview the streaming content as motion bitmap images on the routing page. This allows easy viewing in a tile and larger preview to make routing choices based on content or to assure the content is being streamed. Third party control interfaces can also display the preview of the streaming content on a variety of touch screen devices. Once again Aurora is leading the way with 10G SDVoE technology making the most powerful 10G SDVoE transceiver on the market.

4K60 8 Port HDMI PoE Splitter:

The DXE-218 is the first ever 8 port 4K60 4:4:4 HDMI® PoE Splitter with downscaling per individual output. The unit delivers enhanced capabilities such as individual CEC control, EDID management, Hot Plug Detection, and EDID reporting per output. This is all done through the LAN port for full control and statistics of all ports.

In addition, the downscaling per port allows 1080p screens to be utilized on the same splitter with a 4K60 source. To round out the solution, the DXE-218 has 2 input ports to select from to change content remotely. The PoE simplifies cabling by eliminating all external power supplies.

Depending on the network switch, the DXE-218 can even be power controlled remotely. The DXE-218 is the perfect solution for any HDMI® distribution providing the best in remote support, control, and capability.

HT Series HDBaseT 4K60, 4:4:4:

The HDBaseT comes with many new industry first capabilities including the ability to work at 4K60 4:4:4 with a single unshielded CAT 5e or better cable and the world’s first Dante® option for 2 or 8 channel Dante. We even went a step further by implementing ARC (Audio Return Channel) and allowing it to be fed to Dante or to the local line output making it a first.

Three new HDBaseT 2.0 products comprised of the HTW-2 two gang transmitter Decora wall plate, HTE- TX2 transmitter box unit, and the HTE-RX2 receiver box unit will change the way HDBaseT is utilized.